Big Hair. Thirsty Heart.


Welcome back, fam!

For those of you that struggle with math, this is my second official blog post. And by “official” I mean second blog post. There’s really nothing official about this. I just sit on the floor, write a bunch of random words and hope that someone other than my mom is reading it. And to be honest, there’s no guarantee my mom is even reading this. But if she is then here is a shout out for her because she’s great. Bear with me, folks. This whole post is not just about my mom. I promise. Now that I have officially bored you all to death, here’s the real deal.

This summer someone told me that they stumbled across a quote that made them think of me. The quote was this, “Here’s to the girls with big hair and thirsty hearts”. Anyone that knows me in real life knows how accurate this statement is. I have always had massive hair full of messy curls. As for the “thirsty hearts” that is in reference to endless hours I have spent planning, dreaming and talking about adventure. The word “longing” suits the feeling well. This passion to roam the earth and do whatever gets handed my way.

The burning for this world is not a recent desire. I can remember the first time I saw a map of the world. I was completely infatuated with it. When I was little, my mom and I lived with my grandma. My aunt Lea, my mom and I shared the basement. It was like our own little apartment. I adored it. My aunt was someone that went to concerts and traveled all over. She kept her tickets in her room from all the stuff she used to do and I just remember so clearly thinking she was the absolute coolest thing ever. She had this massive world map on her wall and I would sneak in there just to stare at it. That is when she started my “geography lessons”. I would sit on her bed and listen to her talk about all these places that seemed so impossibly distant. One day something just clicked. These places weren’t so impossible anymore. From then on all I could talk about was all these amazing places that my “Feka Leka” had told me about. I would sit on the internet and look at pictures of different places for hours. Let’s be honest here, I still do that. The more I looked, the more in love I fell. I became obsessed. All I wanted to do was go. I had no idea where, but I did not care. I just knew I wanted it.

The picture featured is one of many that I took in January 2016 in Redding, California. I have a few close friends that live out there and in a desperate attempt to get out of town for a few weeks I booked a last minute plane ticket. We spent a day in San Francisco, a week in Redding and then I flew down to my favorite city (Los Angeles)  for another week. One day while we were in Redding we decided to explore the city for a photo shoot. This is a huge mural that someone painted on a random brick wall downtown. There are many things I love about this memory and this photo. Firstly, this is a day that I look back on with fondness. Driving around California with the windows down and the music up, looking for obscure places to take pictures is my own little form of paradise. As for the mural itself, I adore the red, theater curtains.  The world is the main production, a work of art, my ultimate goal. I have yet to find a painting that better suits me, or means more to me.

Here’s to childhood dreams, fiery passion, deep longing, and cool aunts that take the time to sit and talk. Here’s to you, Feka Leka!

Much love always, readers. Cheers.

Elaina Paviaimg_0964-2


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