Bring Me That Horizon

Fairfarren is one of my favorite words of all time. And since I’m a nerd, I have favorite words. It means “May you travel under fair skies.”  Not only is it fun to say in any accent (seriously give it a try), but the meaning is super neat. Travel is one of the most incredible, educational and hilarious things that someone can do. But, at the same time, it can be impossibly difficult. There’s forgetting to pack something, missing flights, getting lost and pretty much anything else possible. Or if you’re like me and you fall a lot, the potential for injury is always very high. There is a side to travel that can be really emotionally exhausting. What I have found to be the hardest thing is leaving. Rather that’s leaving people back home or meeting people in new cities, it’s incredibly difficult to say “goodbye”. There is a side of me that wants nothing more than to get out of O’fallon, but every once in a while there is a wave of heart-wrenching guilt that comes over me. It feels a lot like betrayal. It is easy to think that traveling is abandoning family and friends. There are many times that I believe myself to be selfish for the fact that travel is what I thrive on.

Here’s some random people that I have met that I will never forget. 1. My doorman in New York. His name was Steve. All I know about him is that he is from Queens and he commuted to and from Manhattan every day. 2. A random girl that I met in Nicaragua. I do not remember her name or anything else about her. But, I do know that her jokes were hilarious. I can think of at least one person in every city that I have been in that I will never forget meeting even though I may never see them again. The thought that one day I could be walking down the street in Nicaragua, Australia, New York, or any other place that I have been, and bump into these people again is completely enchanting.

Come April I am starting a new chapter. Knowing that I am leaving has such a weird effect on everything, but especially relationships that have already been walked away from. It feels as though they need another closing. Or maybe just a re-do of the friendship in general. The point is, leaving is hard. Now, before you all get all “thanks, captain obvious” on me, think of the source of this statement. Guilt, sorrow and pain over moving is coming from someone who has dreamed of this world since before I can even remember. Someone born with a gypsy heart.And great dance moves. But, the thought of leaving people is completely and utterly heart wrenching. Along with incredibly enchanting and exciting. The goal of this life is not to abandon. It is to do life together. To tell jokes (even if your friends don’t laugh…like mine don’t) and take those people with you. So, figure out what it looks like to take them with you. Now, do it. Get out and see the world. But, don’t forget.  When you’re there, be there be invested. And when you’re gone, don’t abandon. You’ve gotta have someone there to laugh you when you do stupid stuff. I have a of those people. If you’re one of them, you’re welcome. Apparently laughing ads years onto your life. So, since I’ll probably die doing something stupid, remember me when you’re wrinkly and grey. Chances are, I helped you get there  by jumping off the stuff that no one else would.

These photos remind me why I love what I love. No matter how “painful” travel can be, it is one of the most rewarding things that a human can do. The first one I took while in Sydney. While we were doing a coastal walk, we climbed over the the fence to the edge of the cliff and as I saw the plane taking off, I could not resist the picture. Now that I think about it, the coastal walk is a wild story that simply must be told in a later blog. The second is the sunset in northern California. I was with friends (Shout out to Sam and Haley) and we decided to take a road trip to the beach and the redwoods. Keep in mind, this is January in northern California. It was not exactly beach weather. But, I was determined to get this photo. So, in my jeans, boots and jacket I walked over to the edge of the water and started shooting. Little did I know a massive wave was about to roll in. Needless to say, I got completely drenched (thankfully my camera survived)  and had to sit, freezing, holding my stuff out the window with the hopes that it wold dry in time for us to stop and eat. I also want to mention that my friends saw said wave coming for me and did not warn me because they thought it was funny. We made a pit stop in Trinidad, California and even though I was still wet and very frozen, we got out to go into this little cafe. I am convinced I will never have a better cup of hot chocolate for the rest of my life. That first drink touched my soul like Justin Timberlake’s…well..everything. As for the mountains, we stopped on the side of the road, walked across traffic and did a little off road photo shoot. I could go on for hours telling stories behind these pictures, but I will stop here and spare you the torture of my bad ideas and pointless stories.

As Captain Jack Sparrow would say “Now, bring me that horizon.”

So, here’s to saying the same word in different accents, and to Captain Jack and the Mad-hatter for saying two of my favorite things of all time. Cheers friends. Fairfarren.




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