The Indefinite Continued Progress of Existence

Welcome back, bloggers!

If you follow “Adventures With Laines” you have probably noticed that my posts have been absent for quite some time now. The reason being is not for lack of words, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Over these last few months I came down with a serious case of word vomit. I wrote frequently and had endless ideas for the next blog post. However, I was never quite satisfied with what I was writing. Nothing seemed to justify imagery I had playing on an endless reel in my mind. It often felt like I had some big, profound thing to say, but I could not quite get the words out. So, I just scrapped my ideas instead of pushing through them and trying to dig up the roots of what was happening. Before you continue reading this, I feel that I should put a disclaimer on it. This is not a funny story, or really even a travel story. I also have no idea what I am going to say in this post. With that said, I apologize in advance for any unforeseen turns this may take! Hold on tight. This one will be a surprise to us all!

Time is one of the strangest that humans deal with. It is constant, it is controlling, it is gift giver, yet at the same time, it is a thief. Time is conflicting; it is a blessing and a curse. Time is everything, without it, life would hardly function. We would be a lost species. A group that aimlessly wanders around. Never fully aware of what to do. Imagine a world where the concept of “when?” would be nearly obsolete. Time always has been and always will be.

As the day approaches for me to leave the city that I have called “home” for 21 years, time seems to be more valuable than ever. I am painfully aware of the fact that time is running out. It is this dark, looming presence that I am unable to manipulate. More often that not, I find myself wanting to freeze the time and hold onto certain moments forever. Time is incredibly ironic. It seems that the moments we wish would stay forever, go by the quickest. We look at our loved ones and all we want is to get the years back. In so many cases, the years seem like seconds. Those are the moments that I hate time. Time is cruel. Why will you not just let me hang on to my brother’s childhood? To the days with my first love? Or to the shopping trips with my mom? What about the Saturday morning cartoons that I watched while I ate donuts with my dad? I often have these incredibly sobering moments where I realize those days are behind me. That is when I get pissed off at the selfish nature of time. This thing that we cannot even see controls every aspect of our lives. Keeping our good times for itself. Suddenly, we are left to watch our memories on a black and white screen in our minds as we drift off to sleep each night.

Imagine yourself standing in a black and white room. The walls are full of gorgeous, canvas pictures. Each frame is like a window into your past. Those canvases are full of your loved ones, things you have seen and done. Those walls are your life on display. You are so wrapped up in looking at the past that it takes an indefinite amount of time before you realize that there is a massive golden hourglass sitting right in the center of the room. The uncanny beauty of the hourglass leaves you breathless. In this moment you have two choices. You can stay in the room, near to all the pictures, staring at the hourglass, getting more and more overwhelmed with emotion and resentment at each grain of sand that passes thorough; or, you can walk away. You can embrace each grain for what it is. A gorgeous gift.

There is a reason that we turn clocks into antique pocket watches, famous monuments, and work them into modern technology. It is because time is a looming presence. While it is a selfish thief, it is also a giver of the gift that is untouchable. Time gives itself to us. To embrace it and live our lives. Time allows us to do the things that we are passionate about with the people that we adore.

This picture was taken in Quito, Ecuador. Quito has cathedrals on every corner. There is one that is exceptionally gorgeous and massive. Intrigued by its gargantuan beauty, we decided to tour it. While we were making our way to the top, I stumbled on something that grabbed my attention. It was the inside of the clock tower. It was all barred off. We had no access to it. But as soon as I saw it, I had this feeling that there was something deeper that could be taken from the angle that I had. While I could not quite put my finger on why exactly I was so drawn to it, I knew I had to get a picture of what I was seeing. Here it is. A picture that shows a literal thing. It shows us that time is untouchable but unique and beautiful as well. It sits at the highest point. Overlooking everyone and everything. And with that, I will officially end my rant about clocks.

So, here’s to the first blog post in a while, to you guys for hanging on until the end, and to the beautiful, uncertain, unpredictability of time.

Cheers, readers. Much love.img_6373


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