A Blog About My First Time

Hello everyone!

This is my first official blog post. So, welcome! First things first, it is absolutely crucial for you all to know that there are a few things in this life that I love with everything in me. Things that make my world go ‘round; things that I simply could not live without. Those things are 1. Justin Timberlake. 2. Travel 3. Literature  4. Photography and 5. The Office (U.S.).  With that being said here’s a bit more of a glimpse into who I am as the human that is sitting here typing an incredibly informal and random article hoping that someone out there will be bored enough to actually sit and read this whole thing. So, let’s get this thing started! I wish you (and myself) luck….

I am 21 years old. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Although I’m pretty sure I was actually born in Los Angeles and shipped to the Mid-west, my mom swears I am a true citizen of the “Show Me State”. Ever since I was a small tot I have been completely infatuated with this world. Globes are seriously one of my all-time favorite things. I have the weirdest obsession with them. There’s just something about seeing this massive earth on such a small-scale. I can literally have one finger in Europe and one in Australia. How sick would it be if we could do that in real life? I never know where I want to go next; I just know that I want to go. Globes make travel seem so effortless and accessible. Maybe that’s why I like them. Or, maybe, I am adding deep meaning to something that I like because it spins around. The jury is still out on that.

Just about one year ago I got my first “real” camera. My awesome dad (shout out to Tony) got it for me for Christmas and I have been in love with it ever since. I take pictures of everything. I’m always the one that is walking in the back of the group because I stop to take 40 pictures of the same building at different angles. Sometimes it’s 40 pictures of the same building at the same angle. That camera is what inspired this ridiculous page in the first place. I was editing some pictures of a recent trip to Australia and thought how much I wanted to get these pictures out there but I wanted people to know the stories that went with them. Not just look at them and think “ohh that’s neat.” Or “ohh. That sucks”. There’s always a story that goes along with a picture. Rather it’s funny or sad or it makes you think of long lost humans that we once held so dear; there is never a time that we look at pictures and don’t think of some sort of memory. Pictures are physical copies of our memories. They are like a window straight into our past. So, that’s what this blog is. My very amateur photography and the stories that go along with it. You know how you go to the museum and there’s always that plaque at the bottom that explains what you’re looking at? That’s the goal for this blog; Except hopefully a lot less boring and just a dash more humorous. I suppose since I explained my love for travel and photography I should talk about why I can’t function without Literature, Justin Timberlake and The Office. And I will, all in due time. I have to leave some sort of cliffhanger. That’s what Netflix does. So, that means I have to. Right?

Here’s to many things. Bon fires, coffee, the new car smell, but most importantly; here’s to you. Congratulations! You did it. You survived reading this entire, pointless post. For that, I thank and adore you. Until next time.

Cheers, friends. Much love always.

Elaina Pavia